Training, Education and School Support Scheme (TESS)

Elllingham Community Trust’s Training, Education and School Support Scheme is open to all parishioners. It offers up to £400 to support study, for full time education or a training course at a higher or further education establishment. Costs to attend such courses, equipment required for the course, and uniform not provided by employers can also be applied for. Ellingham Community Trust assesses applications at monthly meetings.

The TESS scheme replaces the Personal Development Scheme.

Application Form

Click here for an application form

Case Study : Angus StockwellAngusStockwellAward

In 2018 Angus Stockwell applied to Ellingham Community Trust for help setting up a new business. Angus was made redundant in 2017 from a national company and wanted to set up his own ‘Handyman’ business. He needed some extra qualifications to offer a full range of services.

Angus applied to Ellingham Community Trust for funding to support the training and equipment needed for his business start-up. After a considered discussion, the Trustees approved the training element of the grant. Angus has now completed his training and is able to offer a range of services to Parishioners. Ellingham Community Trust have not only helped a parishioner to set up his own business, but also widened the offer of businesses available to parishioners.

“I have started my company and having this professional accreditation is a real benefit for both my own competence and ability but also to give confidence to people who hire me.

As my work progresses I will apply again for equipment but I appreciate that I will need to demonstrate the business is working before asking for such.” Angus Stockwell

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