Ellingham Community Trust fund may be applied to for support towards any community project that provides demonstrable economic, environmental, educational, social or cultural benefit for people living in the parish as set out in our Objectives.

To ensure the administration of the fund is as democratic and fair as possible the Trustees provided every resident in the parish the opportunity to contribute their view on how the fund should be administered and what their priorities for the parish are.

Ellingham Community Trust has four main applications. For further information please go to the individual page for each application type.

Main Application – for community projects. Click here for an application form.

Personal Development Scheme – for individuals to fund training and associated costs. Click here for an application form

Domestic Appliance Scheme – for individual replacement of domestic appliances for more energy efficient models. Click here for an application form

Solid Fuel Scheme – for all individuals primarily resident within Ellingham Parish. The 2021 scheme will be launched on 8th July with a deadline of 31st July.