Main Application

Who can apply?

Applications may come from individuals, groups of individuals, businesses or existing organisations within the Parish of Ellingham for funding which will support a wide range of activities, excluding those which are covered by statutory funding provisions.

In assessing your application, priority will be given to projects and proposals that demonstrate broad community engagement, participation and benefit (Tier 1). Applications for smaller amounts of funding to support or extend existing community assets and services (Tier 2) and or to support individuals (Tier 3) may be considered providing there are sufficient funds in any application round. Applicants should be clear that priority will be given to proposals with the widest community benefit and so the following priority will be used to assess applications:


Your group can apply if you:

  • Are a community group or individual/s who are applying for the benefit of the people within the Parish
  • are working in and involving people from the Parish of Ellingham
  • have a costed plan in place so that the Trust can pay invoices which meet the plan
  • can spend the grant within a specified timescale.

How much can we apply for?

  • No single application can be for more than £20,000 in any financial year.

When can we apply?

  • Applications can be submitted throughout the year and each application will be considered on its merits at the next Trust meeting. Please make sure your application arrives at least a week before the meeting to avoid delays. Meeting dates are listed on our calendar on our Governance page.

Who cannot apply to the Trust Fund?

The rules of the Trust Fund prevent the following groups/individuals from applying:

    • Political organisations for political purposes
    • National organisations, unless the group is a local group with local management/accountability arrangements and bank account
    • Individuals unless the application is clearly for the benefit of Ellingham Community or for a bursary for individual members of community groups to participate in training courses
    • Companies who aim to distribute a profit, unless the profit is to feed back to the Ellingham Trust Funds or the community of Ellingham
    • Religious organisations for religious purposes

For the avoidance of doubt, the community benefit cannot be used for:

  • Political, religious, entertainment, or hospitality purposes
  • Any purpose seeking compensation for disturbance from work being undertaken or from the wind turbines of Wandylaw Wind Farm – any concerns to be taken up directly with Wandylaw Wind Farm Company Ltd.
  • Any purpose, or service that Northumberland County Council or other funding bodies are obliged to provide e.g. Environment Agency, Diocese etc.

Payment of Grants  

  • Claims for payment of the grant are to be made on a claim form which will be provided. Normally you will be asked to complete a detailed cost plan and Ellingham Community Trust may request that invoices are submitted to be paid by the Trust.
  • Payment of the grant will be made in accordance with the payment schedule as agreed in the grant offer letter. Projects to be inspired prior to the payment of the full grant will be selected at random by the Trustees.

Application Form

Click here for an application form. .

And don’t forget there are other things that you might wish to apply for funding:

  • Community activities and groups
  • Protect and enhance local wildlife habitats:
  • Preserve and promote footpaths and walks:
  • Grants to support marketing, training and equipment for local businesses:
  • Youth opportunities and transport access to educational opportunities:
  • A resource centre;
  • Providing leverage to support new housing to rent for local people;
  • The provision of grants towards renewable energies for homes or businesses to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions;
  • Supporting flood defences
  • Improving the village hall;


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