Extra Solid Fuel Available

Did you apply for solid fuel in the 2019 scheme? If so, you can buy some extra heat logs.

Ellingham Community Trust has a small number of spare heat log pallets this year. If you would like to purchase half a pallet of heat logs at £100 (cost price to Ellingham Community Trust) please email before 16th Feb.

If Ellingham Community Trust receives more requests than half pallets available, names will be drawn from a hat.


Personal Development Scheme

Are you planning something new for the winter? A new career? A extra qualification? Another string to your bow?

If so, don’t forget that Ellingham Community Trust has a Personal Development Scheme to help you achieve your goals.

Elllingham Community Trust’s Personal Development Scheme is open to all parishioners. It offers up to £400 to support study, for full time education or a training course at a higher or further education establishment. Costs to attend such courses, equipment required for the course, and uniform not provided by employers can also be applied for. For further information and an application form click here.

AGM 10th October

The AGM of Ellingham Community Trust will be held on 10th October at 7pm.

Ellingham Community Trust is looking for additional Trustees. If you would like to apply please email or write to the Clerk at ellinghamcommunitytrust@gmail.com detailing why you would like to apply and what you can bring to the Trust. Applications for new Trustees will be discussed at the AGM.