Community Consultation on Use of Windfarm Money

Ellingham Community Trust want your views on the use of the Windfarm funding. Click here for the consultation information and form.

In 2019 Ellingham Community Trust was approached by both Ellingham Village Hall and the Church of St Maurice, Ellingham for funding towards the rebuilding of the Village Hall and refurbishment of the Church.  After extensive discussions, Trustees agreed in principle to provide funding, conditional on the community agreeing to each of the projects.

  • Ellingham Village Hall would receive a maximum of £168,000 over twelve years
  • St Maurice’s Church, Ellingham would receive £60,000 over five years

Ellingham Community Trust will continue to support the initiatives that are presently in place, at their current level including the Domestic Appliance Scheme, the Solid Fuel Scheme and the Personal Development Scheme.

Click here for further information and the consultation form.

The closing date for votes is 8th September.

Financial Assistance Scheme is now closed.

Ellingham Community Trust’s Financial Assistance Scheme has now closed.

The scheme had eleven applications since it’s inception and has provided support to a range of parishioners.

Although the scheme has come to an end, Ellingham Community Trust continues to support parishioners using the Domestic Appliance Scheme and Professional Development Scheme.

Click here to apply for our other schemes.

Virtual Village

Ellingham Community Trust are keen to encourage the continued virtual social life you have been enjoying. Below is a message from ‘The Grahams’ about continuation of the virtual quiz.

From The Grahams:

I don’t know about you, but we are finding it all a bit confusing in terms when Lockdown ends- and what all that even means-and so we are a bit conflicted about Virtual Village, and how long we will keep these going in their present format. But we said we would one quiz a month, and one “social night” each month until Lockdown ends. We did a quiz two weeks ago, so technically it’s a social this  Sunday. But, if I am honest I think Lockdown has affected Graham and I pretty badly we now seem to be finding ourselves unable to socialize without asking loads of questions of people…normal conversation seems too difficult somehow? So lets do a  bit of a Social AND a Quiz on Sunday? Who knows, it might be our last if we can find a way of getting back into the real world very soon..

So, we will begin at 8.00PM, but any quizzing will not be starting quite at that time…because some of us will still be watching Newcastle trash Man City en route to Wembley (until about 8.15). So it’s a bit of a chat to start, then a bit of a quiz and then a bit of a debrief. Sound OK?

Same Room. Same Time. Zoom Room 780 329 6009- see you all on Sunday!

Financial Assistance Scheme continues

Ellingham Community Trust’s Financial Assistance Scheme continues to help permanent residents of the parish. Click here for the application form.

Trustees have received numerous applications for the Financial Assistance Scheme, here is just one of the responses from a successful applicant.

Please pass on my thanks & appreciation to the Trustees for the recent grant issued to me. I have decided to restart my business & begin working again for the time being (ie we don’t get stopped again), however, the past 6 weeks with no income has left me with a steep hill to climb to get out of debt. Your grant has helped stop the decline and given me a tremendous boost towards overcoming that.

Covid-19 Financial Assistance Scheme Launched

Ellingham Community Trust have launched a Financial Assistance Scheme. Permanent residents can apply for £500. The application form and further information is available here.

Ellingham Community Trust will consider the provision of possible financial assistance for permanent residents of the parish suffering demonstrable hardship through loss of income from the current Covid-19 situation. The grant provides an initial payment of £500, with the possibility of a further payment of £500 depending upon circumstances. Application will be through the completion of a form, and assessed by Trustees. All applications will be dealt with confidentially and on an individual basis.