Local Contacts

Ellingham Community Trust have established a list of local contacts covering :

  • Henhill                     Graham Carr                         
  • Newham Hall:         Rosie Barber                          
  • Wandylaw:              Rob Howcroft                         
  • Brownieside:           Bob Stuart                              
  • Brockdam:               Louis Fell                    
  • Preston:                      Harry Baker Cresswell       
  • Tynley:                       Martin Robison                      
  • Chathill:                   George Unwin                            
  • Priestdene:              Sylvia Pringle                         
  • Ellingham Glebe:    Gustav Macleod                     
  • Ellingham Village: Brenda Milne                         

If you would like to be the local contact for any other area not mentioned, please get in touch with Gustav Macleod. The role of the contact is to generally keep an eye on what is happening in their area and help organise any volunteers needed and to distribute information to those who do not have email.

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