Community Consultation

Community Consultation on funding St Maurice’s Church, Ellingham and Ellingham Village Hall

In 2019 Ellingham Community Trust was approached by both Ellingham Village Hall and the Church of St Maurice, Ellingham for funding towards the rebuilding of the Village Hall and refurbishment of the Church.  After extensive discussions, Trustees agreed in principle to provide funding, conditional on the community agreeing to each of the projects.

The above figures are based upon an economic assessment of the Trust’s income and outgoings over this period of time. The Trust also reserves the right to review the approach to the above financial support if the underlying economic situation changes significantly. This financial assessment is also based upon the Trust’s ability to continue to support the initiatives that are presently in place, at their current level: the Domestic Appliance Scheme, the Solid Fuel Scheme and the Personal Development Scheme.

Please consider these applications; it is important that you give your opinion, in view of the scale of the proposed funding and the timescales involved. The Trustees have also agreed that a minimum response of 30% of permanent residents is required for the vote decision to be ratified by the Trust.

To avoid double counting, please provide your details on the form. Without your details your vote will not be valid. The closing date for votes is the 8th September.

Click here for a consultation form.