AGM 10th October

The AGM of Ellingham Community Trust will be held on 10th October at 7pm.

Ellingham Community Trust is looking for additional Trustees. If you would like to apply please email or write to the Clerk at detailing why you would like to apply and what you can bring to the Trust. Applications for new Trustees will be discussed at the AGM.

Heat Logs Update

Happy New Year.

We apologise but we have been let down by a local supplier of heat logs over the Christmas period who cannot now supply us. Supplies around the country are extremely tight and it is proving difficult to get hold of the quantity that we need in bulk and at an affordable price although it is possible to buy small quantities from local heat suppliers or the internet

We are hoping to be able to get some within the next few weeks but if you would rather have a pallet of hardwood logs or the cash payment, please for let us know and we can arrange this.

We can’t promise at this stage that we shall be able to even get Heat Logs this winter.

Ellingham Community Trust Fund

Ellingham Community Trust Fund is a Charitable Trust funded by Wandylaw Wind Farm Ltd to be disbursed for benefit of the community and parishioners of Ellingham. The fund is managed by a board of six trustees selected by Ellingham Parish Council with at least one Parish Councillor having a place on the Trust. The purpose of the Trust is to support developments for the benefit of the communities and individuals within Ellingham Parish. The activities must provide some measure of economic, environmental, educational, social or cultural benefit for people living in the parish. Wandylaw Wind Farm Company Ltd will pay the agreed figure of £36,869 annually into the Trust Fund while the Wandylaw Wind Farm is operational. The Trust is also working closely with Ellingham Parish Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the community.