Domestic Appliance Scheme

This scheme is designed to help householders within the Parish with the cost of replacing or repairing larger domestic appliances and a significant number of other devices. It is open to all primary households within the Parish of Ellingham.

Supported Devices and Trusts Contribution

Supported Appliances

Appliances must be new and obtained from a “proper” retailer. Only one claim per household per 12 months.

Trusts Contribution £100

(if actual cost is less than £100 then actual cost is paid)

Washing Machines 100
Washer Dryers 100
Tumble Dryers 100
Dishwashers 100
Fridge Freezers 100
Fridges 100
Freezers 100
Cooker or Range 100
Hob and/or Oven 100
Bicycle 100
Lawnmower 100
TV 100
Laptop computer 100


Purchase of a new energy efficient appliance

Any householder who buys a new device or appliance which is on the list above can submit a receipt for the replacement to the Trust who will make a retrospective payment towards the purchase of the appliance.

Only one application for support can be made by a household within a 12 month period.  The device purchased must be used exclusively within a primary residence within the Parish. The applicant must agree not to sell on the device for a period of a year.  Whilst the choice of the appliance is entirely a matter for the householder the Trust encourages that significant weight is given to purchasing a device which is highly efficient. (“A” rating wherever possible).

Repair of an existing appliance

The Trust does not want to encourage replacement of appliances where repair may be a better option both from the point of view of householders and the environment. Therefore the Trust will pay the cost of the repair up to a maximum £100.

Please Note: This scheme is planned to run for at least 3 years to avoid the need to bring forward planned replacement of a serviceable domestic appliance.

Case Study : Jane bought a new washing machine and completed a Domestic Appliance Scheme grant application.

“Just  a short note to say the £100 domestic appliance grant that we have recently received (and very promptly I must say) is much appreciated. Please pass on my thanks to the Trust.”

How to Apply?

Click here for an application form

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