Heat Logs Update

Sadly, our heat log supplier has had production issues and delays in obtaining spare parts from Germany. This means that we are unable to deliver the heat logs before Xmas. There is a chance that some will be produced but we can’t say how many and when.

We know this is disappointing and there are some options:
1. Change your order from heat logs to hardwood logs – we can get them delivered anytime and so hopefully you could have them within 2 weeks latest.
2. Change your order to the cash payment and try and source your own supply of heat logs/hardwood logs
3. Remain with heat logs but please note we can’t guarantee when we will be able to get them to you, it could be well into January.

Please can you as soon as possible let us know by emailing louis@brockthorpe.co.uk as to what you would like to do.

If you ordered an extra pallet of heat logs, can you inform us if you want to carry on with waiting for them, swap to hard wood or cancel.

Many apologies, but this is out of our hands and very annoying that we’ve been let down at the last minute.

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