Solid Fuel Scheme Delivery Dates

Below are dates for delivery of the solid fuel and other options.

  • Coal Voucher – Available from Williamsons from 12th October. Phone Williamsons to place your order.
  • Hardwood – Deliveries will take place in mid-October.
  • Heat Logs – Deliveries will take place late October or early November.
  • £200/£100 options – transfers will be made to the stated bank account after 1st November.

Deliveries are made by volunteers supporting Ellingham Community Trust. These volunteers give their time within their own busy schedules to distribute the solid fuel, so it is not possible to give specific delivery dates or times.

There are a number of heat log pallets available for purchase at cost. These will be allocated on a lottery basis, and be delivered with your order. Please email the Clerk to register your interest.

2 thoughts on “Solid Fuel Scheme Delivery Dates”

  1. Hi, the Carnaby/Maxwell Drive road resurfacing planned for this week has been cancelled. This means if there are any planned deliveries of hardwood logs for this week there should be no access issues for now. There’s no indication  of when this work is going to be done as it also involves two days of stripping off the existing surface prior to starting the resurfacing process. Hope this helps, Peter Hall 3 Carnaby Drive

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